Home decorating ideas on a budget


The first thing you should remember when decorating is that there are no rules except
those that you set for yourself. However, having a plan is always a good idea and will
help you to keep on budget


Paint one wall using your favorite color, and so make this the focal point of the room.
Then hang a piece of interesting art on the wall (it could even be something you have
made yourself). Next, place a nice piece of furniture on that side of the room to provide
even more accent to the wall. If you want to add extra impact to the wall, then why not
use a rubber stamping technique? Although it is extremely easy to do, rubber stamping
can look very impressive when finished.


2.Use an Area Rug

This is a great way to define a conversation area and look for one which will complement
the décor of the room. Rather than lying it straight, put it at an angle underneath your
coffee table (if you have one). Or if not, then just place it in a central location where the
seating is situated. Why not add some large cushions as well?


3.Pictures & Mirrors

Hang those which most reflect your personality. If you are able to, try frames that are
more ornate. Plus, when hanging a mirror, place it in a position where it will reflect
either a nice view, or an interesting architectural element of the room. Including a
mirror in a room also creates the illusion of more space in a room because of the light
reflecting off it.



Replace lamps, as these are one thing that will provide clues to your room being
outdated. If you are unable to replace the whole lamp, then just consider replacing the
lampshade instead.


5.Coffee Table

If your coffee table is looking tired or scratched, then cover it with a small decorative
throw rug. Or if you want to be a bit more adventurous, then why not consider tiling the
top of it with mosaic tiles or colored glass instead?

6.Rearrange the Furniture

But do not think square; instead, put your furniture at an angle. By doing this you are
giving a whole new look to the layout of your room, and is much more inexpensive than
going out and buying new furniture.


Also pay attention to the floor space that you have left and use it. You could actually get
some scatter cushions and use these as additional seating. It will provide your living
room with a much more relaxed atmosphere. Home decorating ideas on a budget


Use plants to add freshness and impact to the décor of your room, and if placed
strategically, will hide any ugly flaws in a room.


Finally, if you do not need it, then remove it. You can either donate it to your local
charity, or ask a family member or friend if they could use it. By de-cluttering a space,
you will not only be providing yourself with more room, but you will also be gaining a
whole new look



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